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by Candice Lombard •

Full Grain Leather Handmade Leather Care Leather Craft Watch Strap

General Leather Care Guidelines

Leather Care Guidelines To ensure your leather product looks its best, here are a few general care guidelines to follow: Wipe product with a dry, soft clean cloth. Remove dirt with a damp cloth and leave to dry completely. Apply a small amount of quality leather balm for real leathers. For small product items, apply leather balm with an ear bud. Allow product to absorb into the leather before applying a further coat. Apply leather balm whenever leather appears dry, stiff or lightens in colour. If very stiff, use a small amount of Neatsfoot oil. NB - Always first test a small amount on the reverse side of your leather item. If leather becomes wet, put aside to dry out of direct sunlight. Then apply care instruction as above.