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Our Favourite Hand Sewing Threads

by Candice Lombard |

Jacques' eyes are naturally tuned to seeing the finer detail, and therefore he seeks and strives for only the best quality materials. As a result he prefers to use only the best hand sewing threads that would best compliment our fine leather. Have a read below to understand why we have chosen these top 3 threads, as well as to discover which thread will be the best choice for your Belt & Band leather product.

All of our products are hand stitched, using the time-tested Saddle Stitch technique. We have a selection of the the following finest hand-sewing thread options:

Choose Imported French Lin Cable (Linen Thread) for it's beautifully rounded stitches & rich matte tones. These beautiful ‘Lin Cable’ threads are made in France, by Au Chinois (Est. 1847), and are sought after by bespoke ateliers world wide. . We love that this thread is dense and strong. It's strength lies mainly in the manufacturing process where they twist the linen cords together - these threads then combine for a second final twist to create final gauge.

Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - French Lin Cable Thread

We stocked a variety of colours in their thicker gauges, that we call Thick Linen: Natural (White), Ecru (Off-White), Slate-Grey, Black, Beige, Brown, Soil, Brick, Red, & Royal Blue. This gauge is great for a bolder stitch appearance and works well for a strap where a more casual style is needed. We also stock their mid-gauge for a finer stitch appearance where a strap can appeal to a more formal occasion or to compliment finer detailing, that we call Fine Linen in colours: Ecru (Off-White) and Black.

Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Bespoke Handmade Leather Belt

Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Ostrich Shin Leather Straps

Choose Ritza25 Tiger Thread for its bold colours, thick stitch & smooth, flat appearance against the leather. Imported from Germany and founded in 1895, Tiger thread is considered the superior thread among leatherworkers for its durability and strength. It is 100% polyester and lightly waxed making it UV resistant and dependable. When hand sewing with Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, the thread will lie flat against the leather. And as a braided polyester, this thread is preferred for making rubust bags, belts, wallets, shoes, etc. Our available Ritza 25 Tiger Thread colours are: White, Cream, Black, Space Gray, Silver, Tan, Red, Yellow, & Orange.

 Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Ritza25 Tiger Thread

Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Ritza25 Tiger Thread on Garmin


Choose Premium Polyester Thread, as a classic option for a twisted cord with a beautiful luster. This strong and durable thread is locally made in Cape Town by Seralon. It's properties are 100% Polyester and holds true to its colour even when exposed to sunlight and water or perspiration, therefore making it ideal as an option to pair up with your bespoke leather article. Our available colours are White, Black, Off-White, Copper-Beige, Dark Brown, Red, Navy Blue, Green & Dark Green.


Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Searlon Polyester Thread

Belt & Band Bespoke Leatherwork - Polyester Thread Tan Calf Strap

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