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The Dual Harness Leather Camera Strap

by Jacques Lombard |  | 1 comment

Our "Dual Operator Harness" under our sub-brand Co.VENANT has had quite a bit of limelight lately. Kristina (a happy customer and fantastic photographer) from Love & Rockets very kindly offered to take some photos of the process by which it is made. It is indeed a labour of love and it makes us so grateful to do what we do, especially when we know how appreciated the work is. Have a read on her blog for more information about what goes on behind the scenes of a fully hand made leather product. Thanks again to Kristina for so beautifully capturing and poetically describing what we do.

Comments (1)

  • Edilson Rachide Tomás on December 05, 2018

    Hello! how much would it cost me to have a camera strap with my brand.

    Edilson Tomás

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